LtN truffles   the Best In China
Recently discovered Tuber Melanosporum
We discovered Tuber melanosporum in China in 2018,  in a place far away from traditional Chinese truffles habitat. Its super quality in aroma and texture make it one of the BEST truffles in the world, and totally different from Yunnan truffles. Also the season of maturity is much earlier than its European counterpart and other China's truffles.
We have henceforth exported this super quality truffles to many countries including Europe, clients are astonished by the sublime quality; subsequently third party biotech agency tested and confirmed this species of truffles is of tuber melanosporum.
Domestically, we have cordial cooperation with Hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, Hilton, Kempinski, Marriott etc; and many Michelin stars and black pear restaurants from Beijing, Shanghai and other coastal provinces like Canton for many years.